Phoebe Miller

At first glance, you might see Phoebe as the girl next door. Go deeper and meet a woman who has lived several lives within this lifetime. The stories she will share with you, both on and off the mat, are awe-inspiring tales of strength, resilience, grace, hope, and gratitude.
Phoebe has always been a nOMad in a sense that she is “an individual who roams about, a wanderer.” Her family moved around throughout her childhood, which taught her a great deal about freedom. It also taught her not to rely on firm roots in a place but rather in people and the heart.
As an adult, Phoebe found a home for 11 years in New York City. But even then she was a wanderer, searching for the deeper meaning of life as a student and teacher of yoga. Since 2004, when she began her yoga career, Phoebe has been fortunate to travel to several special places in the world as an explorer, dancer, and yogini.
Phoebe finds gratitude in the magical, simple, and even the tragic moments in life. She sees that all of these are gifts from the universe to guide us in the discovering of our deepest treasures and desires.
Some have said that Phoebe leads a life full of alchemy, creating something out of nothing, but she believes we all have this power. Phoebe teaches that if we take time to step back, look a little closer at our roadmaps, observe our interconnectedness, and dig a little deeper, we all have the power to create a magical life.