Geena Williams

In 1992 I began practicing yoga as physical therapy to relieve a back strain, experiencing relief almost immediately. I knew this was something my body needed to stay healthy. During massage/Structural Integration (aka Rolfing) training on Maui, I studied Viniyoga, an asana-based therapeutic practice. Combining yoga training with massage and bodywork has been a passion of mine forr the past 25 years.

Adding to the mix, I discovered and began the study of Self Realization Fellowship, following the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda while living in Southern California.  I began teaching yoga at the Ventura, CA, YMCA in 2006 and continued for 11 years. In April, 2017, I drove cross country to NY, to work at Omega Institute for a six month season.  I discovered Ananda Ashram last November 1, planning to visit for 3 weeks to recharge my spirit and body before journeying back to California.

The journey is still unfolding as I’ve remained at the Ashram, working in the kitchen, studying Vegan cooking, and furthering my studies of Eastern philosophy and Western psychology. I’m so thankful for this ashram family and for being part of the yoga community of teachers and students. Om Shanti!