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Sound Healing Yoga Class with Billy Gopeesingh & Liz Gluckstern

Liz and Billy Sound Meditation.jpg

The class focuses on vibrational and meditative aspects of yoga.  Sound meditation paired with breath awareness heals and connects all 8 branches of yoga while promoting healthy emotions, and rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit!

We prepare for full relaxation by setting intentions, lightly stretching the body and offering guided meditation. You will use bolsters and cushions to create a safe reclined posture as we transition into breathing exercises to help release toxins.

The experience is complemented with crystal bowl sounds and chimes to travel deeper within to heal.  We finish with deep breath work to purify and rejuvenate. After class students are nourished, peaceful, and aligned.

We suggest enjoying this open level (new students and advanced are welcome) with bare feet!  Students are encouraged to wear loose fitting clothes and to bring an extra layer for comfort.  Essential oils will be offered to clear nasal congestion and encourage deep breathing.

Billy Gopeesingh is inspired to share the secrets of yoga and his practice with others to promote healing, self-care, and transformation. Yoga & meditation practices have been the essence of his life since early childhood. Billy approaches his practice from a wellness and healing perspective.  In addition to family training and level 3 Reiki, he graduated from many yoga, mind & body certifications programs such as the Interdependence Project, Three Jewels, Laughing Lotus, Omega Institute, and Columbia University.  
Liz Gluckstern is a certified RYT200 yoga teacher, Reiki practitioner, mediator, world traveler and wellness fanatic who utilizes the tools in her mindfulness toolkit to effectively balance her spiritual side with her corporate luxury retail job in the fast-paced city of New York!  Liz believes that everyone can cultivate calm and mental stillness by practicing meditation and using sound to enhance the positive vibrations in the body.