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Mindfulness, A class with Shawn Harrison


with Shawn Harrison

Sunday July 1st | 3-5pm

Tuition $25

Time to pause and nurture yourself with this afternoon of yoga, mindfulness and loving-kindness practices. This class is a combination of movement and meditation - incluidng restorative yoga, guided meditation, breath-work, walking meditation, mindfulness exercises and gentle yoga.

My work is in being mindful. My interest is in self-awareness. From this place of presence, the parts of me that I admire can shine and the parts of me that aren’t so sparkly have their place too. This is what I have to share in my yoga classes - my imperfect self, my shiny self, and my dedication to exploring many aspects of yoga - movement, sound, breath, self-inquiry, philosophy and meditation. My teaching is informed by my ongoing daily yoga practice and study in the field of health and wellness and inspired by my Teacher, meditation master, Shiva Rudra Balayogi.