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Yoga and Sound Meditation: Asana, Nidra & Nada with Susan & Shawn DeRyder

An afternoon of restorative yoga and healing soundscapes. Included are a gentle yoga sequence, a guided meditation (Yoga Nidra), and a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating sound experience while lying down resting.

SHAWN DeRYDER is a inspired individual hailing from the hills of New York State. When he is not chopping firewood, or gathering wild food he wields a set of powerfully healing tools, his instruments….. He’s traveled far and wide to find instruments for restoring health and relieving pain. One of them is a didgeridoo from Queensland, Austrailia. The didgeridoo has been used as a healing tool by Aboriginal Australians for at least 40,000 years. They healed broken bones, muscle tears and illnesses of every kind with their enigmatic musical instrument. Another is a Native American flute, an instrument know to transport people into an oasis of calmness, serenity and introspection. It does this by evoking a deep listening and a state of heightened awareness within the subject.

SUSAN DeRYDER is originally from Edinburgh, Scotland. Now settled in the Hudson Valley, Susan is excited to offer her enriching yoga classes within her new found community. Susan completed her Yoga Teacher Training at The Life Centre in London, UK in 2007. She has deepened her practice with travel to India and South America. She has a strong background in Ashtanga yoga as well as vinyasa, restorative and yin yoga. Back in the UK she offered healing yoga and detox retreats as part of her business ‘Twist & Sprout’. Susan is also a trained massage therapist. More recently she has been offering deeply healing yoga and sound meditations along with her partner, Shawn.